Are you aware or you just don’t care?

Sometimes there are really people who act like SOMETHING, that you just don’t get it. They do things like this and that, I don’t know if they’re aware or THEY JUST DON’T CARE.

Let me enumerate some.☝

>> No Buts, I’m the Boss (in my dreamsπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…)

They are those who think everybody should follow them. They’re assuming as if they’re somehow SUPERIOR but actually nobody wants to be with them at all.

>>MR./MS. Know it all

These are people who are so CONFIDENT that they know everything. That even in little things you do “they always have corrections“.


And these people are so abundant with amazing stories about themselves. They’re so skilled in proclaiming their goodness and majesty.


You can’t trust these people with private things. They will only listen if they want to know something and eventually share it to another person. For them to have just something to talk to.πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

Are they even aware that they’re losing their credibility already?

We don’t know ,maybe they just don’t care.πŸ˜…



Looking for a perfect summer destination?

Well, check out Sipalay where the real feel of summer is.

Here are some of the beautiful beaches of Sipalay:

● Perth Paradise

It’s a peaceful place, adding that it has a tower where one could fully enjoy the view. Many tourists have been here already .

So? What are you waiting for!πŸ˜‰

● Nataasan Beach Resort

Looking for a white sand beach?

Nataasan Beach Resort is here to give you a worth experience. It’s really good to have a walk here specially during sunrise and sunset. It gives you that relaxing feeling which makes you wanna stay there forever.

Give it a try!πŸ˜†

●Tinagong Dagat Island Resort

If you’re someone who likes fun and exciting adventure then,Tinagong Dagat serves you best.

😍😍😍 It’s very popular of it’s hanging bridge which is connected to another island surrounded by salt water. There you’d really appreciate the view.

Come on! Try Something New and Wonderful!

❀❀❀ Come to SIPALAY!❀❀❀

Nito Products

Nito is a vine commonly seen hanging in trees and rocks.

Some may say they’re just nothing but they’re very useful. Most of the native people get their source of income in making handicrafts using it.

Nito may look ordinary but it can be made into bags, accessories, house decor and so much more. It can create classic designs with its natural color which really reflects the real beauty of its art being native.

People who make this must have real passion in doing so. It’s not really easy to make this, specially that one should exert a lot of effort and patience while making. It’s intricacy should never be undermined. I salute those who still continue to make this. Truly, beautiful things with simple materials accentuate creativity and uniqueness.